Feast of Saint Polycarp – My Patron Saint!

Dudes, I love Saint Polycarp. I was going to tell you about him, but I have done that already. Search this site. Today I noticed lots of Protestant websites praising the merits of Polycarp.


It will be more awesome when they read his teachings and become convinced of the reality of the Eucharist. This “old man”, a disciple of John the Evangelist, was a Bishop of Smyrna, present day Izmir, Turkey. He fought against gnosticism and other popular novel heresies that were attempting to infiltrate the Church.

He refuted them through fidelity to the Apostolic Deposit of Faith, which all Bishops are called to do. He shepherded his people and instructed them in the truth. For his fidelity to Christ and His Church, Polycarp was martyred.

Saint Polycarp, fighter of heresy and teacher of the Eucharist, pray for us that we will be as faithful and courageous as you in the face of opposition to the Truth. May we love Christ our Lord with a mighty fervor as you have shown us.

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